Monday, February 9, 2009

Breaking News: Jailbreak at the Wiener State Pen!

Today is a beautiful day in middle Tennessee. 70 degrees, shining sun, bright blue sky... and of course, I'm off work, which makes any day that much spiffier. So I thought I'd take a little time this afternoon to clean out my car and then reward myself with an extra trip to the comic shop to pick up those old Green Lantern issues I once had and can no longer find now that I suddenly have the urge to read them again. (I knew I was remembering right. Sinestro's dad looks like Vincent Price and deals in Korugarian sleaze! More on that tomorrow, likely.)

But when I got home, what did I see? Lacey Fiddlesticks running around by the trashcan outside the house! Lacey is one of my two rescue dachshunds, and she had never really been outside a crate before I adopted her, let alone outside in the big wide world alone! Of course I nearly had a heart-attack trying to gently coax her to me without chasing her. Meanwhile she's running around terrified, sniffing everything with her tail tucked between her legs, refusing to answer to her name (she's still in training and off-leash recall is a big problem for her), refusing even to look at me half the time... finally I got her cornered by the back fence and she rolled over onto her back in submission, giving me a chance to snatch her up quick!

Examining the back fence, I noticed that someone (I'm sure it was Lacey) had dug a hole underneath. So there were another few minutes of panic as I ran into the house to make sure my other dogs were all accounted for, and they were. But right now I'm sitting here with all of them safely in the bedroom, door shut, doggie-door shut for extra protection, and my heart is still running a mile a minute.

Wiener dogs, until further notice, you are GROUNDED.

...Whew, I think I need some of that null-ray that Sinestro's dad was peddling.


Sea_of_Green said...

>>Sinestro's dad looks like Vincent Price and deals in Korugarian sleaze!<<

You're absolutely right. :-) Nothing quite beats that cover, either -- where Hal is essentially in bondage, and Sinestro is threatening to take Hal's women away from him. Mwaaa, ha, ha, ha, haaa!

Glad you caught Lacey! I myself have an American Eskimo Dog. I always have a heart attack when the little bugger manages to get out of the yard. :-\

SallyP said...

I'm glad you managed to collar you pups, that's a scary feeling!

I am not familiar with this particular cover you speak of, but it SOUNDS fabulous. The idea of bondage Hal is always exciting!

Sea_of_Green said...

Bondage Hal, AND Sinestro with Hal's "women" all over him. It IS fabulous. I should go dig it up. :-)

Duskdog said...

It is the best cover ever. In fact, I ought to post it if I can make my scanner work.