Monday, July 6, 2009

Things I Do With My Hands

I've been told by more than one person that they're surprised that I'm not a smoker, just because I'm constantly doing things with my hands. If there's a pen close by, I'm clicking it, if there's a pencil, I'm doodling, if there's a ruler, I'm slapping myself with it, if there's a ball, I'm tossing it around...

So maybe it's no surprise that I'm a creative person, just by virtue of the fact that I have to do something constructive with my hands so that I don't destroy the stuff around me! I think the whole reason I started writing is because I can't stand the sight of a blank piece of paper. I have to fill it with something -- either words or pictures -- and I like words better.

My muse has been on vacation lately, but these things go in cycles with me. If I'm not writing, it's a pretty safe bet that I'm obsessing over something else. I thought my very small readership here might be interested in seeing what I've been doing lately.

Behold my latest project!

Yes, that's Guy Gardner as Warrior, and I'm very proud of him. There are tons of very nice customs around on the internet, and lots of great customizers on the GLC message boards, and they inspired me to try some of my own. Guy isn't my first, actually, but he's my newest and I just finished him tonight.

Everybody knows that Guy gets all the Lantern ladies!

Guy is made from a random wrestling figure that I picked up at my local comic shop for the grand sum of one dollar, with a head from a Maximum Aggression Matt Striker figure,a nd lots of sculpey and painting! The head the original figure came with was sort of blah, and I don't ever want Guy to have a generic expression on his face, so when I saw this head I knew it had to be him. I love the grin.

Arisia is made from a Rising Stars Chandra body with a DC Direct Armory Nightwing (Power Girl in disguise) alternate head that had to have a lot of work done to make it fit properly on the neck. The choker is sculpted. And that tiny Lantern symbol on it is a pain in the butt to paint.

Soranik Natu is made from an Infinite Crisis Wonder Girl body with a JSA Hawkgirl head. Pretty straightforward custom.

And, if anyone was curious, here's a pic of my current Green Lantern toy collection! I have a couple more figures that aren't up yet -- the tiny statue of Sinestro that just came out, for one, and my old style bowlcut Guy Gardner is on the shelf below these with his JLI teammates.

The top shelf is obviously Hal versus Sinestro, with my favorite super homoerotic pic in the background. The bottom shelf is the rest of the Corps, minus the tiny figures (Minimates, etc.) which will no longer fit on the shelf.

Scattered among the mass-produced GLs on the bottom shelf are quite a few customs. Soranik Natu, Arisia, Brin (the little horse guy), Penn Maricc, Sodam Yat, Star Sapphire Miri Riam and Morro are all customized by me. Vath Sarn, Charlie Vickers, Evil Star, Graf Toren, and Gleen are by Last Galaxy. Arkiss Chummuck and Katma Tui are by an unknown artist -- I won them on Ebay a while back and can't recall the customizer's name. If anyone is interested in seeing better shots of any of them, let me know -- I know they're hard to pick out in the pic here.

I'm working on several more at the moment. Probably next to be finished will be Karu-Sil, Emerald Twilight Sinestro, and Maxwell Lord!

I'm trying to resist the urge to make a "Max shoots Ted" diorama, since I also have a nice Blue Beetle figure now.


SallyP said...

Gadzooks...I...I am in awe.

You did a really lovely job with your figures. I hear that they are actually finally bringing out an Arisia figure, but I don't know if it will be as nice as yours.

And Guy as Warrior! And Soranik!


Duskdog said...

Thank you! I like all the ones I've done so far, but I think Warrior is my favorite. One can never have too much Guy!

Yeah, looks like Arisia is going to be part of Blackest Night wave 3, and we're getting a new Kyle in current costume in wave 4. The only thing I don't like about the new Arisia is that she has the slightly longer hair that she's been sporting lately. Otherwise it's quite nice.

They confired that more waves are in the works, so I'm hoping hard for a Soranik in wave 5 or 6.

SallyP said...

With Green Lantern being fairly popular, you would think that they would be bringing out Tons of new GL figures. There is such an incredible array of characters to chose from!

Do we really need our nineteenth Hal figure, when there is Guy, Soranik, Arisia, Vath, Isamot, Iolande, Chaselon, Ke'haan, Laira, Bd'g, Rot Lop Fan, etc etc etc to choose from?

Sea-of-Green said...

Wow. Those customs are great!

Your collection is most impressive. :-) However, don't you think Guy gets a little jealous about having all those Hals standing on the shelf above him?

Saranga said...

Wow, that Guy custom is pretty great :)

green blogger said...

Great collection! And Nice work on the customized figures.